Get the most out of your app - The HomeServe App Get the most out of your app - The HomeServe App

Get the most out of your app

Whether you like DIY home projects or you’re just looking to declutter that junk drawer full of user manuals and warranties – this is the app for you. The HomeServe App helps you get the most from your home and everything in it. 

Declutter Your Life

If you get into the habit of adding everything you buy to the HomeServe App, you will find peace of mind recycling any manuals, quick start guides and other “junk” that comes in the box with your new product. From small electronics to furniture to appliances, the HomeServe App can handle it all. Access user manuals, warranty information, replacement parts, and how-to videos for all products and systems in and around your home. We tell you how to install it, how to use it, how to maintain it, and how to clean it.

Stay Safe

As you enter all of your things entered into the HomeServe App, we check them against the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall list. If we find a match to something that you have added, you will receive an email and a notification within the app to let you know the details and how to resolve it. But what if the item is recalled after you add it? Don’t worry, we will alert you then too. 

Make Home Maintenance Easier

Whether you are a renter, a first-time buyer or a veteran homeowner who has bought and sold many homes, you know that when you take over a new living space, there is no end to the number of questions needing answers… “How do I light the pilot light on the stove or water heater? How do I change the dishwasher or microwave filters? Wait, dishwashers and microwaves have filters?!?! Where is the circuit breaker and which switch leads to what? How do I program the thermostat? The ice maker has stopped working, how do I troubleshoot it? What was the specialty light bulb needed in the bathroom vanity? How do we maintain this swimming pool?” Leave it to the HomeServe App to help answer these questions and then some.

Add your appliances to the app and wait for the related information to come rolling in: manuals, how-to videos, parts and accessories. We will also automatically schedule reminders for the most common maintenance tasks, like changing the water filter on your fridge.

With the HomeServe App you can just sit back and smile, knowing you’ve got everything you need to know about your home in the palm of your hand.

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