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9 Kitchen Remodel Ideas That You Obviously Need

While I would love to rip out everything in my dated 1980s kitchen and replace it with a kitchen straight from an HGTV reveal, that’s not a reality in my world. However, I found that I can tackle certain remodel projects that will instantly refresh home decor – without necessarily having to redo the entire room. Plus, I know that DIY can save me money and make the entire project a more rewarding experience.

Ready to join me and roll up your sleeves? (I would seriously welcome the help.)

Here are some kitchen remodel ideas to kickstart your DIY dreams:

Nail your vision

Have a picture of your ideal kitchen in mind before you start any projects. What colors will you use? Are you going for sleek all-white minimalism or warm rustic vibes?  Having an overall idea will help guide your remodel projects for a cohesive, magazine-worthy finished product.

Make a (back)splash

Whether your style calls for wallpaper, stone, wood planks or tiles, installing a fresh backsplash is a sure way to make a bold statement.

Update the cabinets

If you want to go the extra mile, you can rip out your existing cabinets and replace them with entirely new ones. However, you can also keep the project more low-key with a cabinet refacing project, which essentially means redoing the veneer and remodeling the hardware for a totally revamped look.

Refresh your workspace

If it’s time to update your countertops, don’t worry about limiting yourself to one material. DIY Network advises using wood countertops for a standalone prep area or island, and then installing quartz, granite or concrete for the other surfaces. The right combo of surfaces makes for an effortlessly chic mix-and-match finish.

Embrace the (kitchen) island vibes

If your space is big enough for an island, you should go for it. Make your island work for you, whether it’s on wheels for accessibility or doubles as a workspace for functionality. The latest kitchen island trends from Lowes include bench seating, storage, wine racks, glass shelving and more.

Hang the pendant lighting

Give your kitchen the spotlight it deserves, consider getting creative and doing more than the typical recessed lighting. Make a statement with bold kitchen pendants, ideally aligning them over your brand-new island.

Upgrade your appliances

The quickest way to bring an outdated kitchen into the 21st century is to upgrade your appliances with new, energy efficient models. Choose your refrigerator, oven and other must-have appliances wisely because they’re significant elements in the space. And because life’s short and shouldn’t be spent washing dishes, here’s how to install a dishwasher.

Find your seat

Use bar stools to add extra seating in the kitchen. While they can tuck in under the countertops, you’ll still see them all the time. So be sure to choose a design that adds contrast or serious style to the space.

Don’t forget the details

Little design touches can bring the entire space together. Think cabinet knobs, drawer pulls or a shiny sink fixture. When you find the perfect faucet, here’s how to install it like a pro. You can also add details to the space that reflect your style and cooking quirks, such as open shelving to show of your brightly colored dishes, hooks for hanging mugs, space dedicated to plants and herbs, rugs on the floor for warmth and so much more.

Once the remodel is finished, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for home repairs. See how plans from HomeServe can help with the costs of covered repairs.

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